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SwapClix - An Honest Review


What Is SwapClix All About?

Have you been considering Costa Dedes SwapClix program? The sales page makes a lot of promises, but doesn't give you much detail at all. So let me fill you in! Swapclix is a ingeniously simple concept where you sign up with Google's Adsense program (absolutely free)...once you are signed up you get paid from 5 cents to $1 or more when people click on your ads that Google provides. (Note: $1 per click is not uncommon and many times the payouts are much higher!). What makes Costa's program so incredibly revolutionary and profitable is his method for driving traffic to your ad pages (which I would love to tell you but this would be totally unfair to Costa.)...I have never seen a twist like this...and still have not at the time I write this...also by following his page layout I consistently get 15% to 20% of every visitor to click on one of my ads on the page.

Does Swapclix Work?

Good question! I bought SwapClix in November of 2005, Included in SwapClix is software that designs your is super simple to use...and following the instructions to the letter (I am kind of a nerd that way) I generated my first little "money machine" as I like to call them within 2 immediately started generating a little over $5 profit a day. My second little money machine I put together in under 30 Minutes (The first one is the toughest)...and it does around $3 a day profit. I have close to 50 little "swapclix money machines" (I build them in my spare time) now and they average from $3 to $7 a day each. So I have been extremely happy with the SwapClix method...and I believe that it is one of the simplest programs to get started with. I do not know of any other program where you can give yourself a $150 a month raise in as little as 30 minutes...virtually anytime you want!

How Does SwapClix Compare With Other Programs?

Well, obviously there are thousands or more money making programs being sold on the internet. What makes SwapClix so unique in my that..95% of all the other programs require you to sell something to someone...SwapClix does NOT require you to sell a darn selling just get folks to click on your ads! Costa does a wonderful job explaining this and provides a really nice and simple software to make this happen for you.

So Bottom Line, Do You Recommend SwapClix?

If there is one thing that I don't really care for about the SwapClix is the sales page...Costa doesn't really give many details ...but further...I think the first "money machine" will take you longer than the 15 minutes he states. It took me two days in my spare time to put up my first one (One day was spent applying to Google and awaiting approval.)...I do think that it will take the "average joe" longer than 15 minutes...the following Swapclix Money Machines can be built much faster.

Other than that SwapClix is a dirt simple program for building little money machines that will pay you over and over again...and Costas instructions are really simple for the average person to understand, follow, and start earning income.

So bottom line...Yes...I highly recommend SwapClix.

Swap Clix ReviewEasy Enough for Internet Beginners With Zero Web Experience!

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